Sep 22
“September 22. Nothing.” Franz Kafka, Diaries 1914-1923 (via paintdeath)

(via cannibal-farm)

Sep 16

Sep 13

Ok you win

Sep 12
“but it was fun to walk around on the moon for a day.”

Sep 11
“Relax, we’re not the pretzel police.” Det. Briscoe

If one were to edit together all of the short closing scenes from episodes of law and order, one would have a sitcom that could easily rival the likes of Malcom (sic) in the Middle. (Hint hint)

Sep 10

The Man From Another Place looks at Agent Cooper and says slowly and deliberately, “Garmonbozia.” He then holds out his hands. Agent Cooper doesn’t understand. He looks down to see the Man From Another Place carefully cupping the first season of Hoarders on DVD.

“The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been the splash of social media for weeks. But some people say a grandfather must have been out of his mind when he poured freezing cold water on his 10 month old granddaughter.”

Sep 9

Teenage Mutant NintenDogs

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